Automatic Cat Feeder for Unpredictable Work Schedules

An automatic cat feeder can solve the problem of feeding, if your hardly ever at home. If you have a unpredictable work schedule it may be difficult for you to know how much food to leave out.

Today’s busy lifestyle has people constantly running around trying to keep up with various errands. These days people lead incredibly busy lives. The automatic cat feeder is great for those unpredictable schedules and can also be an asset for the elderly.

It’s a good way to get your cat on a regular eating schedule and help maintain the correct nutrition for you cat. The automatic feeder can be set to take care of just about any scheduling of feline nutritional needs.

Gravity Feeders

These basic auto feeders replenishes the food that has been eaten by your cat from the storage tank into the bowl. The simple auto feeders can hold enough food for a week. If your cat likes to overeat this may not be the feeder for them. Reasons are, food portions can not be precisely controlled. I like these feeders because no electricity is being used and the cat can eat whenever they want.

Electronic Auto Feeders

Unlike the gravity feeders, electronic auto feeders can be precisely controlled. Digital timers can be set to feed whenever you would like, and for multiple times a day. Even the portion size can be set for precise portions at different times of the day. They are not at all complicated and are very versatile and easy to operate.

There are auto feeders for just about any kind of pet: reptiles, birds, rodents, even outdoor automatic feeders for your fish in the  pond. These automatic pet feeders are designed differently, and are made for cages, fish tanks and the like. No more will you try to remember if you fed the cat or the bird, especially if you have a busy schedule.

If you are thinking of getting your friend a cat feeder, a pet water fountain would also be very useful, especially cats that are dry food fed, which requires plenty of water. Pet water fountains have built in filters and pump, that constantly pumps water through the filter, removing food particles and ensures a supply of clean fresh water. The fountains are a much better alternative than leaving a stagnant bowl of water for the day.

Electronic water fountains have replaceable filters and pumps that are easy to clean and can be adjusted for water flow. There are even electronic water fountains for your dog that easily hooks-up to your outside faucet.  These units are motioned censored, so when your pet approaches they will turn on…and turn off when they leave.

With today’s busy schedules, there is no need to worry if you fed your cat. These affordable automatic cat feeders will give you one less thing to worry about.