Cat Facts About Cat Abuse

Cats that have gone through cat abuse can show damage and be maimed on the outside. Others show no sign of abuse on the exterior, but have emotional or internal damage on the inside.

A physically abused cat can be nursed back to health, but an emotionally abused cat takes longer to treat.

Physically abused cats still need a calm approach to the problem especially, if they have been emotionally abused animals as well.

With cat abuse the best approach is none at all. He will come to you when he trusts you, and feels you will not abuse him also.

Take your time and when he feels comfortable with his new environment, he’ll come to around. Cat cruelty should be dealt with a tender hand.

Disciplinary Tactics Are Not The Way To Handle Cat Abuse

It will just make him mean. Although a mean cat is not as bad as you think, he still cares about the way he is being treated, and is willing to stand up for himself, he still has pride.

Some cats respond to a companion cat. They learn from the companion that this is a good home and will start acting like the companion and be relaxed and content. Abused cats do not react well to loud voices and sudden movements, so be considerate at this point and show him some tenderness. Taking a disciplinary approach will only be detrimental to good overall cat health.

His Behavior Will Improve

Let him know that he is being a good boy and coax him with treats, they all love treats. This may take some time, especially if the abuse accrued over a long period of time.

Scaring or raising you voice could push the animal back into the withdrawn state he was in, so expect the healing process to take weeks maybe months.

Strict discipline is not the approach to take with abused cats. He needs a loving owner and a secure home, and will sense you are not the one who abused him and adapt to his new environment.

Remember, cats are very intelligent animals who are just looking for what we all are looking for, love and affection.

To me abusing an animal is a reflection of ones personality, and should not be tolerated. If you abuse a helpless animal, you should GET HELP. Mistreatment of animals should not be tolerated.

Cat abuse should not be the reason to pass on adopting a cat. My wife and I believe rescued and abused animals make the best pets….They appreciate a good home !