Facts About Cats – Emotional Assistance Animals

Some facts about cats are that they provide a calming and comforting feeling. When you are petting and holding your cat you can feel the emotions, the therapy you are receiving. It’s hard to describe the feelings to someone that isn’t a cat owner.

Cats are used in hospitals for that same calming and healing. Providing patients with emotional health and a sense of well-being.

Yet more cat info is they have another purpose. Helping our war veterans cope with (PTSD) “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

PTSD produces some very unique conditions. Experiencing the traumas of war, can give the veteran a high degree of anxiety. Causing the vet to be over-reactive and hyper-vigilant.

A veteran with PTSD can be hyper-aware of a situation that would be considered normal to us. Cats have a unique sense to help with these illnesses.

More Facts About Cats

One trait cats have is they are one of the most observant animals. They can provide PTSD patients with a sense of security. If the cat doesn’t react to a specific situation, than the vet knows everything is OK .

Psychiatrist’s are now prescribing emotional assistant cats as recovery plans for veterans with this illness.

There have been case studies done and they show some amazing results. In one study, when the veteran became uneasy. The cat sensed these feelings and would cuddle and lay on the veterans lap, letting  him know everything was all right.

If the soldier is having a bad night? The cat will wake him up and provide a sense of security. This study shows that cats can be trained to notice subtle changes in the veterans demeanor and also in his environment and react positively. We always knew how intelligent they are!

Considering cats can adapt relatively well to many different environments. Cats are showing they have specific characteristics for these particular health problems.

Besides providing assistance for patients in hospitals and war veterans, cats most important therapy is with the average person right at home. House Cats provide us with their soothing and calming therapy every single day. Just more facts about cats.

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