Facts About Cat Adoption

car adoptionCat adoption is a long term commitment and should not be taken lightly. With cats living into there late teens and early twenties, there is a chance they will be around for many years to come.

Figure on at least a ten to fifteen year average life span for the animal.

When you adopt a cat you should expect an expense with cat ownership. There’s food, litter, litter boxes, flea or worm treatments ,veterinary visits, treats, they love treats.

Indoor cat are not in contact with unvaccinated animals on the outside, so many of the vaccines could be, and should be eliminated. My cat “Boscoe” is an indoor cat and very rarely goes to the vet, and has very good overall cat health.

When adopting a cat he or she will need a little space. Does the cat have a safe environment to live in? Do you have kids or a dog? Will he have an area that he can feel safe in? Is your house ready for a wondering and climbing cat? Before you go through cat adoption, do a little planning.

Cat Adoption – Do you have Allergies

If so spend some time at a friends house, who has a cat or cats, and see if you have a problem with cat allergens. Long haired cats will have more dander than short hair breeds.

Cats like to sharpen their claws on objects, are you willing to train him to do it on a scratching post or in the cellar? Cats are very intelligent animals and can be trained easily. I trained Boscoe to sharpen his claws on a wooden platform I built for the washer and Dryer in the cellar. Good Boy!

Whether it is an indoor, or an outdoor cat you will need a litter box. Are you willing to scoop it out daily, possibly two to three times a day like my wife does?  Cats are very clean animals and love a nice clean litter box.

Cats need regular attention, is your job taking you out of town often ? Cats can get sick, are you willing to care for them ?

Where to find cats for adoption

Visit your local animal shelter or SPCA and expect to pay a small donation and explain why you want to adopt a cat.

Your local Animal shelter is really the best place to rescue a cat. You will be giving one of your local cats a home. You may be asked some questions and may think some are over the top, but when you think about it, the application process is to protect the animals. There is to many people abusing to many animals.

If you are ready for the commitment and have an environment that is right for them you should consider adopting a cat. Cat adoption can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience and something most cat owners never regret. I love Boscoe!