Herbs For Cats Anxiety

Many people are asking today, are there any herbs for cats anxiety? Cats are very emotional animals.  Any change in their normal routines, changes in their environment…. even adding a new pet or a new person to the household, can cause cat stress or cats anxiety.

Visiting or moving into the house or locating their litter box in a new location can trigger cat anxiety.

Cat separation anxiety can occur when kitten siblings are separated.

Identifying cat stress or anxiety symptoms in their behavior, and treating it can keep an emotional problem from turning into a physical illness.

If you would like to treat your cats health naturally, there are herbs for anxiety as well as other health issues.

Some Herbs For Cats Anxiety

Herbs you can use are extracts of Chamomile, Oats, and Valerian. Lavender oil is also good. A small amount can be splashed on your hand and placed on the cats face while you are petting them or a small amount, splashed on their bedding.

If your cat is going through anxiety they may need a little love and affection. Lavender oil is also used for humans with anxiety so take a smell yourself.

When the hypothalamus, a section of the cats brain, identifies a threatening situation. It triggers a chemical response in the brain to either prepare to defend itself or to run and hide. This is an important reaction for cats except those with chronic anxiety.

This can cause depression. If left untreated these chemical reactions can lead to many cat health issues.

Symptoms to look for when identifying cat anxiety are: excessive meowing, trembling, vomiting, weight loss, shyness, urine marking. Although many pets will be anxious during a thunderstorm, cats with anxiety will have added behavioral changes.

If you are concerned with your cats unusual anxious behavior? Make an appointment and  have your vet evaluate for possible physical problems.  Many symptoms of anxiety disorder are the same symptoms as a physical sickness or disease.

If tests are performed and he has an anxiety issue, ask your vet for recommended treatments.

The first thing to look at would be the environment change, mentioned earlier. You can try and restore the environment,  of course this is relevant to the situation, if you have moved you cannot go back to the old place.

But you can try and make the cats environment as comfortable as it once was.

If your cat has severe anxiety, your vet may want to put him on a psychotropic drug, such as pheno (phenobarbital). These drugs are prescribed by a doctor or vet and can be habit forming, so try the over the counter treatments first. Herbs for cats anxiety are the modern way to treat cat anxiety.