How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat

how much food should i feed my catWith no quick and easy answer to this frequency asked question, the correct amount of food your cat needs to be healthy depends on age, weight, physical activity, and metabolic rate. 

Every cat is different so you will want to tailor the amount of food given to your cats own individual needs.

Additionally your home environment will play a big part in how you handle a feeding savannah catschedule.

For instance, a caregiver who is stay-at-home will be able to feed canned food several times a day. Whereas  a owner who works, will rely more on dry cat food, with morning and after work supplements of canned food.

I want to share this article I found by Lorrie Shaw, who leads the pets section for Covering the subject of better understanding your cats energy levels to tailor a personal diet plan.

Understanding different play styles to manage weight

One of the first things that I say to a person who calls me about caring for their pet is, “Tell me about them! What do they like to do?” This holds true not just for dogs and birds, but cats as well.

Sure, most people find it easy to think in terms of individual personality and preferences when it comes to our canine friends, but for felines, it can seem more challenging to hone in on what kind of activities and interaction not only captures their attention, but what keeps them engaged. This is especially true of indoor-only cats. [Read full article]

This article from Pet Web MD covers canned verses dry food and their nutrient contents

In general, cat food consists of water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. But how close your cat’s diet comes to that of its feral cousins depends on what formula the cat food manufacturer uses.

Proteins are the basic building blocks for cells, tissues, and organs. They can be either animal-based or plant-based, and either type may show up in cat food.

Jennifer Larsen, DVM, PhD, is a nutritional consultant and assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California, Davis. She says that a high-quality brand of cat food — either wet or dry — can be nutritionally complete. However, Larsen also tells WebMD, “Some cats benefit from the higher moisture content of wet food, which makes their urine more dilute. But most cats do fine on dry. It’s an issue of personal preference.” [Read full pet WEBMD article]

This one is from Ask The Cat Doctor by Dr. Neely,  a veterinarian that has owned a feline practice in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years.

Even though you find feeding instructions on almost every bag of cat food you can buy, the instructions are useless. One brand may tell you to feed your cat 1/2 cup twice daily, while another recommends 1/4 cup three times daily.

It’s not just the manufacturers of cat food that can’t tell you how much to feed your cat. It’s anyone, including your veterinarian, your best friend or me. [Read…How much to feed your cat….full article]

Figuring out how much food a cat needs for optimum health can be difficult. Some cats are over-eaters and get fat, while others seem like they can’t eat enough and stay slim.  I hope this article has helped you find the perfect balance for a healthy and long life for your feline friend, and somewhat answered the question, how much food should I feed my cat?

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