Milk Thistle Benefits – Milk Thistle for Cats

There are many milk thistle benefits for cats. One benefit is supporting healthy functioning liver and preventing liver disease in cats.

A cats liver is different than a dogs or humans liver, it contains fewer metabolic enzymes and its ability to remove toxins from the body are diminished.

In other mammals Liver failure is usually due to infections, congenital problems, traumatic injury and other disease.

Cats can develop liver disease from trauma and infection, but also from stress, such as cat anxiety that change their eating habits.

Cats need to eat on a regular basis, if not they can develop Feline Hepatic Lipidos ( Fatty liver disease) and other cat health problems.

Maintaining your cats healthy liver is much easier than curing liver disease.

Diet is most important to a healthy feline liver. Nutritional and herbal supplements can strengthen and support a healthy functioning liver and will help the liver deal with disease more efficiently.

Probiotics for digestive system balance.

Antioxidants for liver inflammation and reduction.

Omega-3fatty acids found in fish oils is also a strong anti-inflammatory.

Cooked calves or chicken livers a couple of times a week are a good way to supplement their regular diet and maintain good cat health.

Milk thistle has been extensively tested and approved by the (FDA) in healing the liver for disease and stress. Helping the liver to regenerate and protecting it from toxins. The main ingredient in milk thistle is “silymarin.” Reaching high levels in liver tissue and bile.

Milk thistle is very safe and can be used for treating Hepatic lipidosis, chronic hepatitis (liver inflammation), pericholangitis (inflammation of the tissue around bile duct) , cholangitis (inflammation of the bile ducts). It also thins bile which can prevent gallstones.

Here is one review that I will post about Milk Thistle, because I could not find a bad one.

Sue P. wrote : ”My kitty, Spook, was diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis last year. After 6 weeks of tube feeding, he did recover. I found this product last year, but used it sporadically, but still his liver enzymes improved. He was still slightly jaundice last month, and my VET recommended that I continue with the Milk Thistle on a daily basis which I have. Spook is always by the food bowl and his skin is nice and white and healthy. This product IS a life-saving and very easy to use.”

A cats liver is very fragile and milk thistle benefits by maintaining a healthy liver for proper function and general health.