Rescued Cat Health: What cat food is the best?

my cat BoscoeIn regards to the best cat food for a starving cat, there has been much debate about what is the best cat food? Well in these hard times.  What Cat food is the best, is often relevant to ones personal money situation.

Most experts seem to think canned cat food is definitely the better food. Canned is low in carbohydrates and high in moisture content.

Considering that felines are strict carnivores, wet foods for cats is the better choice over dry. Mainly because it is higher in animal-based proteins and has a higher moisture content.

Dry food is high in carbohydrates, but has a low moisture content. Dry food does have a high protein content,  although the difference from canned food is that it’s plant-based protein and a cats natural diet consists of animal-base protein.

What is the best cat food? Canned cat food, with all variables being equal is the better food for your little friend.

Taurine ( Amino Acid), which is missing in plants and present in animals, is essential for cat nutrition. This means that a cats metabolism can not process plant-base proteins as efficiently as animal-base protein.

Foods high in Carbohydrates cause problems with blood sugar/insulin balance.

When dealing with a starving cat, of course any food is better than no food. You can start with canned food and lots of fresh water, but a side dish of dry food is not a bad idea.

He may have been eating dry when he was getting regular feedings. Cats can go through anxiety when they are starved, so don’t hold back the food. Let them eat as much as he or she wants.

Part of his anxiety is having to worry about where his next meal was coming from. Once he is feed a few times, the anxiety should go away. Small portions served frequently is a good way to reintroduce his stomach and digestive system to food.

Cat Nutrition

If the cat has been starving for a length of time he could possibly have internal organ damage. By slowly introducing food back into the system you don’t overburden the liver, kidneys, and the pancreas. Sometimes the best food for cats is any food!

my cat Cuda-cat foodMany people will give Cat bisquets which are high in vitamins and minerals. Small pieces of chicken with maybe a little rice. A small amount of leftovers can also get their system kick started. Most experts don’t recommend cows milk. Felines have a problem with cow milk digestion and the milk sits in their intestines and ferments.

After the cat has a couple of weeks of regular feedings, it is possible they could benefit from vitamin supplements and herbal supplements. Some Vets are starting to prescribe herbal remedies. Milk thistle, a herb now recommended for humans for healthy liver function is also being used for cats with liver disease. In fact I take Milk thistle on a daily basis. Dr. Oz recommends it.

Clean fresh water is most important for the transportation of vitamins and nutrients going in and equally as important getting wastes out of the body. With a distressed animal water is key and will help improve overall cat health.

Some people can not walk by a starving cat

my cat bookeyits not in their nature. Its a reflection of their character: Caring, helpful, thoughtful. They are definitely givers and not takers!

This site is dedicated to Bosco (top left), Cuda (middle left), and Bookey, (bottom right), Bookey was a starving stray cat that my wife rescued and took home. He only lasted a month but left quite an impression on us. This site was created to educate on the issues of saving rescued cats and overall cat health.

There is nothing like the feeling of helping a starving cat, try it these guys are amazing. We love them!

What is the best cat food?  Canned cat food, but sometimes you have to go with what you can afford, and any food is better than no food to maintain their overall cat health.